The stages of the year-long project, officially launched on 1st September 2000, are described below, subject to minor changes during the life of the project. This methodology is also outlined as a flowchart. The Resources page will inform users of further developments in SATOE. 
  • Identification of core serials and design of survey
  • Design and launch of a general 'first-stage' South Asian Official 
    Publications website
  • Research into operational requirements for the acquisitions and selection management database and the web-based interface
  • Mailing of the survey of current serials acquisition
  • Development of the web-based collection management database
  • Enhancing public section of the website
  • Analysis of survey, follow-up visits. Input of data from survey onto database
  • Beta-testing and evaluation of web-based South Asian official publications management tool
  • Final modifications to website/database


Funding Proposal


The British Library Co-operation and Partnership Programme, Concord, are the primary funding body of the project. A copy of the full bid submitted to Concord can be accessed here.



The full extent of the range of South Asian official material UK holdings was assessed through a targeted survey of libraries and institutions. These were identified from current directories and membership of relevant associations. 

The data-collection framework included a self-completion questionnaire and a title-by-title audit (including guidelines). The questionnaire was designed to aggregate data to be used towards developing the collaborative management tool. The sample population was asked to provide information on their organisations’ acquisition practices with regards to South Asian official serials.

Bibliographic information was collected using sources such as suppliers’ booklists, library catalogues, hand lists and various online resources. Some 750 serial titles within the project scope were identified and listed in an Excel spreadsheet. Respondents were asked to indicate runs of serial holdings, highlighting those that are being actively collected, and were also invited to add titles or further information that may have inadvertently been excluded.

Survey outcome
The survey was sent out to a target sample of 27 organisations across the UK. Participants were asked to complete the survey within two months, with a deadline date set for the first week of February.

  • The overall response rate was 75%
  • 48% of the original sample reporting significant holdings
  • Of the remaining 52%, 3 libraries who had declined to complete the audit, reporting a dormant collection of official publications, did, however, complete the general questionnaire

Questionnaire evaluation

  • 16 of the 27 target population completed and returned the questionnaire
  • The evaluation of data from the questionnaire will enable the partner institutions to work towards developing a collaborative management tool

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